Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time Off......

Greetings from Santa Cruz, CA. Just sitting here outside of Coffeetopia on my wireless connection, drinking my latte, with my son and two dogs.

Last night we decided to be spontaneous and take a drive south to SC. During the summer we often come down here to play. Lucky for us a friend has a studio apt that we rent for a song during the warm season!

Today we will be garage saleing and heading to the beach (once the fog clears)

More crafty news tomorrow......

In gratitude for what mother nature has given us.



  1. Enjoy your time off and play at the beach...sounds like a slice of heaven. :)

  2. Coffeetopia...neat name! Isn't Santa Cruz an amazing place to visit? So many interesting people and a creative energy, all around.

  3. Oh, sounds like you are having a great time! enjoy the time to relax and have fun!


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