Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look who's here................

My guy has been fighting a cold for a few days now and this morning I put my foot down and decided to keep him at home. He was less than pleased with my announcement and has decided not to talk to me for a while. With secret Valentines at school and this being a Handwork day I can understand his disappointment. It's so hard to know when you should and shouldn't send your child to school. I know the health guidelines but beyond that when do you make the call? The last thing I want is for him to get worse because his little body is too exhausted to fight the bug! Oh well, for now, it's the silent treatment..................

On another note, I am finally making real progress on the DQS8 quilt that I've been working on. My hope was to try machine quilting on this project but it was not to be. My Bernina and I are not getting along and the quilting was just not turning out as I had hoped. Alas, I turned to good old hand quilting and I'm pleased how it looks. Outlining the mushrooms with hand embroidery was also a good choice and I may spruce up the quilt with a little more! Not sure about the binding yet, but I'm thinking orange?

Like the mushrooms?

A picture of the back and front of the quilt, see the back side with embroidered mushrooms?

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  1. Ah, poor little guy. In the end, I am sure the rest will be better. Hopefulyl he is back to feelnig good in no time..
    I love your doll quilt, I think the little embroidered detail on the back is my fav! and yes, orange binding would be great!


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