Sunday, June 13, 2010

I have always wanted..................

............a vegetable garden and when we moved, we were finally in a house where we could have one! Considering that we have three dogs I was thrilled to find that our garden area is fully fenced off. It wasn't much to start with, just hard packed dirt and some weeds. With some TLC, soil amendments and fertilizer, by the beginning of May it was ready to go.

My veggie garden May 2, 2010

My veggie garden May 22, 2010

My veggie garden June 12, 2010

When I first planted the garden it looked so little and forlorn, would it ever grow?! I'm not known for my patience and would look out at it every morning looking for any small sign of growth. While watering, I'd inspect every little leaf, pull invading weeds and talk encouragingly at them begging them to stay live and grow, grow, grow!! It looks like all of my begging paid off!

We have just started to harvest peas and courgettes. Our little local newspaper has a competition every year for biggest courgette (aka zucchini), our biggest is about 12inches so far so we have high hopes. The tomatoes are ripening on the vine, little cobs of corn have emerged and the cauliflower has just started to take off. I am so excited by new garden that I may just have to give weekly updates :)

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