Saturday, July 11, 2009

A light at the end of the tunnel.......

So just when I thought that I was ready to return to the blogging world, I had to disappear again! Effective July 1, 2009 we moved to Point Reyes, CA. Although we're further from my family and Max's school we are very close to the ocean and are thrilled to have moved here.

The yard needs an incredible amount of work; however, we see the potential and can't wait to get our hands dirty. So far we have counted two pear trees, four apple trees, a huge blackberry bush and potentially a walnut tree. The pears are very nearly ready to be picked and Max cannot wait to harvest our bounty. I also have a fenced veggie garden area, the soil needs a lot of turning and amending but I'll get there in good time.

My favourite thing about our new home is my new craft space, with three windows and a view of our lush garden what can be more inspiring?. I'll put up pictures once I have organized and cleaned up the space better.

Now I hope that I am really back, my internet connection is finally hooked up so her I am!

My sewing machine is finally unpacked, my creative juices are trickling back, here are some projects that I am hoping to try my hand at soon...... picnic blanket from sew mama sew, gathering apron (perfect for harvesting our fruit trees) and this oilcloth grocery tote.

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  1. oh, well good luck with getting everything done around the house! I am sure it will be nice though, and a good way to settle in. I love hat oil cloth grocery sak, i dont have enough in my stash to make one though :(


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