Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Year!

2009 started slowly and then ended in a flash. I aplogize for pretty much abandoning my blog but I will do my very best to be more present in 2010. During the next week I'll get you up to speed with my most recent pics, projects and endeavours!

Newsworthy Items:

#1: I actually worked up the courage to sell my handmade crafts! In the past few years I have done a LOT of sewing and general crafting - all of it has been for myself, my son or just as gifts. I have often received compliments and the suggestion to sell my items at faires. The thought of putting my items out there was terrifying for me, akin to making a dish for a potluck..... will they like it? does it look appetizing? will it be the only unto.uched dish?

Well, I put all of those fears aside and went for it. I had really no idea how to price my items and probably ended up pricing too low, oh well. I found two local Holiday Faires to sell at. Without going into tons of detail I can happily say that all went well, even better than I had hoped! Given my small success I have decided that I will try to sell again in the Spring, maybe at a local Spring Faire.......................only time will tell :)

#2: We have a new dog! His name is Chip. He came to us as a "change of career" dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA. He is an amazing dog and a welcome addition to our family. So yes, we now have three dogs and two cats. Considering our high pet count I have decided to put off plans for our chicken coop. This saddens me but for now I just can't imagine feeding more animals :)
As you can see in the pic, Chip and Max are best buddies. Max finally got his very own dog.

PS. I am happy to report now that Max has his "own" dog it is now required that he helps to clean up after him outside. :)

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