Friday, May 6, 2011


Chickens! by craftingmomof1
Chickens!, a photo by craftingmomof1 on Flickr.

We have chickens! Please meet Faye (the brown one, a Salmon Favarolle) and Samantha (the white Delaware). We were thrilled when both laid an egg the first day in their new digs. We've gotten two eggs a day ever since! Such good girls :)

The front yard at our new house is fully fenced and dog free (the doggies get the backyard) so this was the perfcet opportunity to get a chicken coop set up. We bought a small shed from our neighbours and converted it into a great raised coop with a flap door, roost bar and nesting box. Being at the edge of a National Park wilderness the are a LOT of predators in the area so a secure chicken run was a must - right now it's a bit janky but within the next couple of weeks, we'll build a larger more permanent run.

I hope to add at least two more chickens in the next month!

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