Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.......

Let's start with the good....

I have been very crafty lately mostly cranking out lavender gnomes. I think that so far I have made 14 and may have the energy left for a few more. The great thing is that I have had a LOT of practice making doll heads - at this point I'm pretty confident that I can tackle a larger sized head.

Aren't they great? A few will live with me, some will be gifts and others I will give to the school for our craft booth.

I have also been working on some Felt Wee Folk. I borrowed the book from fellow Waldorf parent. I really enjoy making these although wrapping the body w. the embroidery thread does get tedious very quickly!

I just love the way that they have turned out, I have made several Wee Folk but these pics came out the best.

PS. Thank you Tammy for the amazing acorn caps, they are just what I needed!

Now for the bad......

After a very trying meeting at my son's school I am feeling very disheartened about our Programs commitment to staying true to the Waldorf pedagogy and its future. I know that I am committed and will continue to attend meetings!

And the ugly......

I hosted our third Waldorf Craft Circle and one parent showed up. Yes ONE. I am bummed but will continue to hold the circles hoping that "if I host it, they will come". This is hard for me because I feel as if I have a gift that I want to share with our parents and they are not embracing it. Despite it all, I will continue because I feel as if this is very important to me, my son, our Waldorf Program and community.

Ending on a happy note, I did receive a beautiful fat quarter as part of a swap and have two Easter swap packages ready to go in the mail tomorrow. I am also working on creating a felt mushroom tutorial - coming soon. :)


  1. What a bummer on your craft circle. If I lived there, I would definitely come! Wouldn't it be nice if we could blink our eyes and be somewhere else? There is such a huge dedicated bunch of Waldorf mamas, but it seems we are so spread out all over the world! It would be nice if we could just "blink" ourselves to all of the craft circles, book groups, festivals and such that happen everywhere...

    The little wee felt folk and lavender gnomes are adorable! :)

  2. Big bummer on the craft circle. I have the same problem with a family nature group....I just don't get it! If I were closer, I'd be there! :) I love your many creations!

  3. Oh, that's sad with the craft circle. I would sooo love to come! But Marin is just too far from me, living in the South Bay. And I haven't found any craft circle for Waldorf around here.

  4. I've been gathering acorn caps for tiny hat making too. Yours turned out so cute! Hope your craft circle picks up :)


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