Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beautiful Days...................

What an incredible weekend it was in the Bay Area! The air was clear, the days were bright. Saturday we had a family day at the new California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. We went to celebrate one a Max’s best buddies’ 8th Birthday.
This is my lovely Max holding a T-Rex tooth

I love that they have these bins at the Academy. It was amazing to see how many adults were struggling with knowing which bin(s) to use, but kids knew exactly what to do!

A picture of the Living Roof from below in the Rainforest

Yesterday was MLK, another great day and do I need to even say what today is? My son calls it Obama Day. Unfortunately Max was late to school because we had to sit and watch the entire Inauguration Ceremony. I know that Obama is not the answer to all of the world’s problems but the feeling of Hope that he has inspired in so many can never be a bad thing. Yippee! At least Max was not the only late one to school, when I dropped him off there were a few stragglers behind us.

I made a resolution to myself that this year I would work very hard to make handmade gifts whenever possible. So, for Valentine’s Day I have been making little bunnies out of wool felt. Each one has a little heart stitched onto the chest. I have made three so far. When I find something that I like to make I tend to focus on that one item for about a week. I can become a bit neurotic and I make tons of one thing. It works out though because if I have too many, I keep them as gifts for another day.

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