Thursday, January 15, 2009

New to all of this!

Okay, so about a year ago we moved from far Northern California to Marin County near San Francisco. My son started at this great public Waldorf-Inspired Program and the crafting began!

I have always enjoyed getting into crafty projects but have never really carried them with me. As a young girl my grandmother bought me a turtle needlepoint, it was great, I finished it in no time and she had it made into a pillow which we still have. I learned to needlefelt with my sisters, I have always sewn the goodie bags for my sons parties etc., but I have never really explored wide the world of crafting.

Wow! I am awed by all of the amazing crafts and crafters that are out there! What people are able to do with some fabric, thread and buttons is truly amazing!

So far, my medium is wool, roving and felt. I try to find 100% wool felt locally and online, it is so expensive. Recently I found cream 100% wool felt on sale at a local craft store for $4.50yd, I nearly jumped up and down! I need to go back and get more...................

Anyhow, as a beginner I thought that I might start a blog to get ideas and feedback from other crafters. It is great to get advice from others on how to make new things and/or improve on old ones. I have roamed around a lot on the internet and have found several blogs that I have found useful and inspiring. Hopefully one day I can inspire someone out there.

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  1. It's great that you started a blog! :) I hope it inspires and motivates you. :) Thanks for adding me to your blog list. :)


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