Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More to do's

I finished my Handmade Swap item last night. For my first try, I am quite pleased. Not sure when I am supposed to send it off........... I'll email my partner. This swap was organized through My swap partner did a great 100 list on her blog, very funny, sad, introspective, made me smile. I'm sure that if we all did one we'd have much more in common than we thought.

Mushrooms, I need to make mushrooms. That will be my next project. I think I'll stick with wool felt but may change the shape of my mushrooms. This will be a good opportunity for me to switch it up and try something new, again.
Another to do. Now that I have started a blog I need to figure out html and how to add links, just make the blog more diverse. I'll do that after I finish the dishes, sew up a mushroom, fold the laundry.........yada, yada, yada.

Once upon a time we lived 2 minutes from the Pacific Ocean,

I really miss this.....


  1. Yeah! I plan to be posting your package either Saturday, or Monday. I am really excited about this swap.

    Thank you for your lovely words about my list. It was hard tp pulish that, wondering what everone was going to think about soem of the things I said. But, I am glad I did it, and you should consider posting a 25 things you didnt know about me list!

    If you want to hyperlink, on your post, before you publish it, there is a little green circle on the top left that looks like it has eyes. it will say 'link' when you scroll over it. click on that and another window will open. that is where you can paste a url. just make sure you dont put in http:// as that is already in the typing filed and will create a broken linky :O)

  2. Gorgeous photo.

    I'd love to see your mushrooms when you finish them. I have a thing for cute little mushrooms. lol :)


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