Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Great Swap.....

Last week I had writer's block and this week I have to much to write about! First, I must say Happy St.Patrick's Day!

So a while back I mentioned the Handmade Mushroom Swap that I signed up for. I made 5 felt mushrooms, sent them off and in return I was to receive 1 different mushroom from 5 other particpants. Well the long awaited box has arrived and my new mushrooms are amazing! I was so excited that I opened the box right at the Post Office. What I love is that they are all so different, made using different textiles and different crafting styles. Take a look!
From Sonja at HappyGoCrafty. I think that this mushroom is
made from clay and paper, then painted. Check out the great detail!
A crocheted pencil topper from Val at YarnisGras.
This is the exact reason why I HAVE to learn how to crochet! LOVE IT!
Needlefelted 100% wool mushroom from Logan.
The perfect new addition to our nature table.
From Lisa I received this papier mache mushroom.
The two halves actually come apart - it is a little treasure box. What a great idea!
This mushroom came from Rane. Isn't it wonderful? I was so excited that I removed it fom it's cellophane bag before I could take a pic of it all. The mushroom came with the wonderful yarn, tiny shells, acorns and maple leaves.
My intention today was to tell you about my most recent crafty project(s) but with the arrival of my new mushrooms, that will have to wait till tomorrow :)
in gratitude,
PS. Wish me luck at our School Board Meeting tonight! We need to hire a new Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher but the School District wants to make us take a Middle School Teacher with absolutely NO Kindergarten or Waldorf knowledge/experience. With the economy the way that it is the last thing we want is to see a teacher laid off, but we also need to keep the integrity of our Program intact - how can you have a Waldorf K without a Waldorf Teacher??????


  1. these are all so cute.....makes me want to make a bunch more....and have a Christmas tree covered in little mushrooms! obsession, I know.....

  2. Such a variety with the mushrooms. I adore mushrooms, and all that you received in your swap are soooo cute!

    Good luck tonight. Keep us posted... I CAN not imagine having a Waldorf K without a Waldorf teacher. Can't even imagine it!!

  3. These are all so gorgeous! What a fantastic swap idea. And you're right, they are all so different yet each so beautiful :)


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