Monday, March 16, 2009

Long Lost Relatives......

Yesterday I was visiting The Magic Onions. While reading about their big Garage Sale Day I noticed that one her favourite finds was a little red vintage elf. What was so amazing was that I too bought a very similar elf on our garage sale day. The similarity is uncanny, I believe that we have two long lost relatives! My elf is green and does have some condition issues, a chip, rubbed off paint there but he's adorable.

Do you know anything about these elves? I have never seen them before but they are so cute that I could easily see them becoming one of my "must look for" items. Oh geez, no collectibe figurines! I always said that I would never collect figurines ............

I am working on tomorrows post, it will be all about my most recent crafting and future crafting aspirations. :)


  1. Goodness!! How amazing! He is definitely a relative... they are so similar, they have the very same 'look'. I think they are brothers! AND found by kindred spirits on the VERY same day! This is too exciting! I too would love to find out more about them. And I too said, 'Never figurines!'. But, elfs.... I can talk myself into putting them into the 'magic' basket instead of the 'figurine' basket... Ha, ha... good find, sister!

  2. I'm laughing at you both, weird that you both bought one on the same day! I admit, I do have a little collection of these guys. I guess they are highly collectible to some. I think I will post my green ones tomorrow for St. Patty's day, in dedication to you and Magic Onions! :)

  3. cute... definitely have a resemblance to the one magic onion bought. Very exciting, and just before St. Patty's day. :)


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