Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Project.................

I've not been in the mood to blog this week and this is why:

This past Monday a fellow school mom and I hosted our second craft morning. I sent out an email to all families and announced it at last weeks parent meeting. 1 MOM ATTENDED, again. Yes, just 1, again. My initial feeling was disappointment, then I was ticked off, then I was frustrated, then I was confused. As I explained to families, the purpose for these circles would be to get to know one another, make crafts for the program to sell at a future craft sale and also to talk about our program for next year. Both the other mom and I are on the Administrative Council so we know a lot about admin and finance at our school.

I know just as well as anyone that we all have busy schedules - heck I work on Monday and asked my boss if it was ok that I came in late so that I could attend the circle. It's just hard when I KNOW that there are mom's who could come but choose not to. Do we give up? Do we keep scheduling these? Ack, I am just so frustrated. Our Waldorf crafts are very popular in our community, help to promote our program and raise LOTS of money for us - which in this economy with all of the cutbacks is crucial. I know that I need to get over this, I am SUPER dedicated to Max's school, I attend probably 5-8 meetings a month, and I need to realize that to many people it's just not that important and that's ok. It's not ok, but it is :)

Well, the three of us forged ahead. We taught mom #3 how to make the Waldorf Doll head and we are now in the process of making lavender gnomes & babies. Right now they are all just heads and bodies, once I put them together I'll put up a pic. I have a subject in mind for tomorrow, just have to plan it out in my head.

HOPE & PATIENCE are my words for the week. Lately I've been wearing a necklace that says Patience one side, the other side says "Patience is a tree with bitter roots that bears sweet fruits" - my new mantra.


  1. Sending big hugs to you...I can certainly see why you are feeling all of the emotions you are feeling.

    I know if I were there, I'd be there each week. ;)

    You know, we have a little tiny group of ladies here. Melisa and I are the main ones, and we've really struggled over many years trying to make it grow. Seems like ladies who feel as we do are sometimes few and far between, but they ARE there. We gain one, then lose one... over and over and over. It's so frustrating. But we do finally have 6 or 7 ladies who come, and they are from all over in 45 miles distance from each other. Not everyone comes to every book group or every festival. The only ones we count on are Melisa and myself, and sometimes it's just Melisa and myself, and sometimes we are pleasantly surprised with other ladies. We finally got to the point of this:

    We wanted to do it no matter what. Other people in attendance would be nice, but we were going to do it with our without anyone else anyway, and you know what? Even if it were just the 2 of us or the 2 of us and our families, we were WORTH THE EFFORT. Once we accepted that, and actually were good with it (which happened quickly), nothing else really seemed to matter. And funny thing is, it was after that point that our numbers started increasing.

    Just my opinion... Whatever you do will be right for your family one way or other. You know your heart.

    Big hugs. ♥

  2. I'm sorry that you were disappointed again with the turnout for your craft meeting. You sound very committed to this school and the Waldorf cause. I wish we had some of that in this area! Good for you for seeking out hope and patience in this trial, and I hope you are able to find more committed moms soon. :)


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