Friday, February 6, 2009

Another week gone by..........

It's still raining here in N. California but I wouldn't have it any other way. After a lovely few days of rain it feels as if the world is refreshed, the air smells cleaner and I get a free car wash!

Ack! This week I've joined four new swaps:

Swap #1: The Winning Hand Swap which is through Sweet Goodness Swaps. This is a fun one that is themed for the four suits - Spades, Clubs, Heart and Diamonds. You have to make four items each incorporating one of the four suits. I have to say that I'm having crafters block on this one but I'll keep thinking about it. Sign up deadline is today, February 6th.

Swap #2: Vintage Spring Sweetness Swap through A Swap for All Seasons. Make or find a lovely 'Vintage' item for your swap partner. Sign ups for this one is through February 7th.

Swap #3: A swap through Simple Thyme Primitives. This one is nice because it is more open ended. You can send a craft item or a fun trinket, just something nice for your partner. Deadline for sign ups is February 7th.

Swap #4: Reading to Know Book Swap this a great swap that kids and adults will love. You send a copy of your favorite book to your swap partner. Max was excited to find which book was his favourite - although he was relieved when I told him that we were not going to give our copy!

Here's a pic of the wool that Max and I hand dyed a few weeks ago.


  1. Beautiful photo of the yarn! Thanks for the swap sites...I've never done one before.

  2. Oh, looks liek you are signed up for some good ones! I recieved your package last night, and blogged about it. you doll is absoultely amazing! Yuo did such a wondeful job on her. I think I am keeping her to yself and not sharing with my son!


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