Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two New Additions!

Congratulations to my uncle and his wife on their new arrival - a baby girl named Grace weighing 6lb 5oz. They live in Greece so an in person meeting any time soon is doubtful but with the wonders of email, Facebook and Skpe I'm sure we'll be seeing her soon!

Another new addition to my house is:
Bella Bunny!

I think that she is quite wonderful. My sewing machine and I were getting on fabulously so I was able to make quick work of her - just 1 day. She is made using a mix of Amy Butler and Marimmekko fabrics. I'll probably make a few more of these before I move on to the next project. Maybe next time I'll try a boy version of the pattern but with shorts.
Check out todays great post from Sew Liberated, she makes some great points about child safety and development. Although we are a Waldorf family many of the Montessori principles do coincide with ours and as parents in the end we all just want what is best for our children.


  1. Your critter dolls are sooo cute. I make dolls too. I think you have a really sweet blog. :)

  2. too cute! I think i shall try to make a boy molly monkey as well.maybe mikeymonkey?

  3. They both are gorgeous... I LOVE your fabric. And the mischievous look on bunny's face.


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