Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun in the Mail.........

Whoo hoo! Went to the Post Office today and I had a package awaiting me. It was from my Simple Thyme Primitives swap partner Sharon and I LOVE IT! I opened the box to find a wonderful Valentine's gift cone and inside was a fabulous mouse! Love it, love it, love it, thank you thank you thank you. After looking at both more closely I believe that she crafted both of them. I am amazed at how wonderful they are. They are so fab that now I am having jitters about the package I sent her..............

On another swap note, I finished my five mushrooms for the Handmade Mushroom Swap. I'm quite pleased with them. I hope the recipients enjoy them.

Max has been making up new verses for dinner time. Here is his latest try:

I Love Food
The World is Nice Food
I Love Food
Food is Nice
The World Food

Can you tell what he has been thinking about lately? At age 8 I can't fill him up fast enough. At first I thought that he was just looking for junk food, but I've realized that he's just a hungry little guy. Luckily for us he'll eat just about anything we offer him - sushi, indian food, ripe funky cheeses, veggies, fruits - he eats it all!

Love the colours. Love my Pyrex.


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