Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day.................

Happy Presidents Day, I hope this post finds you all well. Life around here has been slow this past weekend. The rain has kept us all from top speed which has been a relief.

I worked on a few projects this past week, one of which was making balls from wool felt. In the past I have bought these at Waldorf Faires but now wanted to try my hand at making them. I made quite a few in a variety of colors, and put a small pouch of rice in two of them to make them more weighty. You could also put a bell inside for a baby..... hmm.....

I was sitting back admiring a job well done when a lightbulb went off in my head. With two strategically placed buttons the ball could become a great pincushion! So, here you see the ball/pincushion before and after! I will definitely be making these for future crafts faires and as gifts.

This past Friday while with my Grandma we stumbled across the most amazing Thrift Shop. When I walked in it looked like any other thrift store but upon closer inspection I saw 'The Annex" tucked in the back corner. The Annex is a separate room overflowing with vintage items. Boy did I hit the motherlode. You name it, they had it - shelves of vintage linens, clothes from the 40's - '70's, old games, books, pictures - it was all there. To top it all of it was all additional 50% off already insanely affordable prices! Here are some of the treasures that I uncovered..............

This amazing framed embroidery panel. The frame is trimmed with green velvet - it is now hung with pride of place in my little sewing room.

The picture up close - great detail.

A cushion embroidered with a farm scene. The foam is horrible, one day I'll change it out.

An embroidered tea towel. Could this deer be any more precious?

I am currently working on a "Mollie Monkey", I found her at mmmcrafts. Take a look at her blog, she has tons of wonderful ideas. I am making the monkey for my uncle's new baby Grace - she is expected any day now. ;)


  1. Hi! I am your partner for the fat quarter swap, let me know if there is anything in particular you have been swooning over, or need!! Thanks!!


  2. You always find the best thrift store and findings! I love your woll balls, then pincushions! If you decide to put a bell inside, put the small bell inside another container, like a film canister, then poke holes in the film canister. It will help so the sound of the bell doesnt get muffled by your stuffing.

    My son loves the doll you made us. He has been puting her 'night night' every day. (becasue of her closed eyes) Did you use a pattern for her from somewhere? I am thinking of making a boy doll to go with her.

  3. The balls and pincushions you made are so fun. And that embroidery panel...!!! There are no words for it. :)


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