Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My First Waldorf Doll !!!

Unfortunately, my local store was all out of the fabric I needed to finish my very first Waldorf Doll. This minor point did not stop me so I bought some lovely skin fabric in a brown tone, went home and promptly started my second doll. He is officially finished! So I suppose that he may be considered the second doll that I started but the first one finished. For this one I decided to sew him and his clothes completely by hand, no machine. Yes, he does look like a linebacker and he looks like he's wearing a diaper, but isn’t he great?! For a first/second try I am very pleased with how he turned out.

Trying not to spend money on additional supplies, I made his suit and hat from a chopped up a pair of velour pants that I no longer used. It was nice to know that I was remaking an old item into something new. For the next doll that I make I am going to try to perfect the face and add a nose. Maybe I’ll even make proper arms and legs.

Now I can cross one item off of my 2009 Craft To Do List.

Now knitting. Although my sister showed me how to knit, I have now forgotten. Oops. When asked Max for help, he rolled his eyes at me, sighed, and told me that he was busy purling a gnome and he’d help me later. Ha! We love to make things together and he’s often frustrated by my neat, small stitches vs. his big crooked ones. It’s fun for Max that there is something that he can do well, that I can’t. :)

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  1. The doll looks so snuggly! He looks like he's begging for a nice big squishy hug. You did such a nice job on him.

    Knitting..... I really wanted to learn. I did. I made a dishcloth, and now I am back to my crocheting, lol. My oldest daughter likes having something she's better than me at, and I'm just fine with letting her be the knitter in the family. :)


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